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Please use Calendly to book a time to talk.

  • Before booking a time, please check out the starting rates card here.
  • Prospective clients: please use the prospective clients Calendly slot. The “current clients” slot is reserved for current client use.
  • Please consider the appointment tentative. The information provided will be used to assess potential fit. In the event that (due to availability etc) no fit is envisioned, you will be manually notified and the meeting will be cancelled. If you’re not notified before the meeting, you can assume that it’s going ahead.
  • Rescheduling / cancelling: Please use the self-service options in Calendly to change time / cancel your meeting.
  • You may also wish to get in touch by using the contact form.

Book A Meeting Time

Preparing For Your Meeting

Efficient meetings save time!

Before booking a time to speak, feel free to check out the FAQ page. Your question — including “what’s your workflow?” — may already have been answered!

Many clients are interested to get a rates ballpark. These can be found here.

If you have materials to send on before the Zoom meeting (NDAs, documentation etc) then please forward to meetings at dsr ghostwriting dot com.

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