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Ghostwriter For Entrepreneurs And Individuals

If you are an entrepreneur or startup founder and are looking for an experienced ghostwriter to write on your behalf, then DSR Ghostwriting can meet your needs.

DSR Ghostwriting has longstanding experience working with busy professionals to craft compelling interview responses and ghostwritten articles, blogs, books, and speeches.

Projects undertaken include:

  • Ghostwritten Medium articles
  • Ghostwritten LinkedIn posts
  • Ghostwritten books
  • Ghostwritten memoirs

How Much Does Hiring A Ghostwriter Cost?

If you’re thinking about hiring a ghostwriter for your next project then you will likely want to know how much the service costs.


  • Start at $350 (/1,000 words) for companies/ direct clients and
  • $280 (/1,000 word) for agencies and clients able to provide bulk, ongoing work.*

Articles (for off-site placement):

  • Start at $400 (/1,000 wordsfor companies/direct clients and
  • $320 (/1,000 words) for agencies and clients able to provide bulk, ongoing work.*

*Minimum volume for discounted pricing for companies = 1 article per month; six month minimum, by contract.

To request a full rates card, please visit this link

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