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Clients: Who I Work With

As a professional ghostwriter, I’m in the business of writing articles and books for clients that does not get attributed to me. For that reason, my portfolio is password-protected, some work is non-shareable, and I generally refrain from listing clients and testimonials on public facing material. Others take a different approach. But for me to list my current and past clients publicly would defeat the point of hiring a ghostwriter — at least in part.

I understand, of course, that people want to know what companies and agencies I work and have worked with. So:

  • I can share a list of testimonials and references privately
  • I can share access credentials to my portfolio, and share individual samples, privately

But in general terms, I work with three categories of client: individuals, agencies, and companies. Here are some non-specific details about all three.



Past and current clients have included:

  • A national electricity utility (Singapore)
  • A water technology startup developing a revolutionary approach to membrane filtration (USA)
  • An innovation management SaaS provider (Israel)
  • A political technology company (Ireland)
  • A content experience provider / business CMS (UK)
  • A cybersecurity startup focused on providing crawled web data as an API (Israel)


Past and current clients have included:

  • An award-winning digital transformation agency focused on creating compelling brand experiences (USA)
  • An award winning technology PR company (UK)


Past and current clients have included:

  • A C-Suite executive at a major PR company transitioning into independent consulting (USA)

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