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Book Ghostwriting Free Initial Consultation

Want to talk about your thought leadership campaign?

I receive a number of queries through this website about thought leadership projects.

I’m happy to spend 30 minutes discussing your interest in thought leadership and outlining where I think I could add value. If I don’t think I can, I’ll tell you that. If I can, I’ll offer some thoughts on what kind of approaches we could try.

Following the conclusion of our call, I’ll confirm a ballpark quote by email and direct you to any writing samples that I’ve mentioned. At this point, you are welcome to consider the offer and the suggestions that were communicated, including with your team and to send over a contract and/or NDA for signature.

In the interest of efficiency, I cannot attend product demonstrations with potential clients — nor can I hold a series of calls with your internal stakeholders at the pre-sales stage.

While these ground rules may seem unfriendly and unconventional, they prevent me from investing time in lengthy discussion processes that don’t materialize into business. In turn, I can re-invest that time in providing the best possible service to my current clients.

Other polite requests:

  • Please only book a time to speak if you have reviewed the rates card and the minimum rates are within your anticipated budget
  • Please only book a time to speak if you anticipate commencing this project within the next 3 to 6 months

To get in touch about other writing projects, please use the general contact form.

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