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Freelance Writing Rates Estimates

Quoting a writing project requires understanding several variables — including the subject matter, the internal support available, and the purpose of the text. Therefore, I price by spec only.

However, in the interest of saving time, I have put together a ballpark rates card to give some very general pricing information for projects including articles, e-books, white papers, and speeches. For details, see below.

Per my standard terms, all rates:

  • Include one round of revisions
  • Include 30 minutes of meetings (Zoom/telephone). Further meetings, and in-person meetings are billed hourly.

DSR Ghostwriting Rates Card: Short Version

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Quoting is on specification but the following are general estimates:


  • Start at $350 (/1,000 words) for companies/ direct clients ($0.35/word) and
  • $280 (/1,000 word) for agencies ($0.28/word) and clients seeking long term projects.*

Articles (for off-site placement):

  • Start at $400 (/1,000 words) for companies/direct clients ($0.40/word) and
  • $320 (/1,000 words) for agencies and clients ($0.32/word) able to provide bulk, ongoing work.*

Medium and LinkedIn articles: per blogging rates (exceptions: Medium publications which require style guide conformity).

Case Studies:

  • Marketing agencies:
    • From $0.50/word.
  • Companies / direct clients:
    • From $0.60/word


  • Marketing agencies:From $0.55/word.
  • Companies / direct clients: From $0.65/word

PR Materials

Press release (500-1,000 words): $400-500

One pagers: $400-500


From $15 to $30 per estimated minute of speaking time.

White Papers

  • Marketing agencies:
    • From $0.55/word.
  • Companies / direct clients:
    • From $0.65/word

*Minimum volume for discounted pricing for companies = 1 article per month; six month minimum, by contract.

Request Full Rates Chart

To request the full version, which includes more detailed pricing guidelines and ballpark estimates for white papers, e-books, speeches, and other collateral, please use the form below.

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