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Freelance Writing Services Outline

Inbound Marketing Programs:

DSR Ghostwriting works in conjunction with individual entrepreneurs, marketing agencies and companies to support marketing objectives ranging from lead generation through to inbound marketing and personal brand building.

Thought Leadership Writing Service

Thought leadership is a form of authority marketing that leverages the power of original insights to create top-of-funnel sales and marketing opportunities with high value prospects.

Thought leadership is popular among B2B clients operating in an enterprise environment. Medium, LinkedIn, and company blogs are popular owned channels for distribution — although thought leadership is suitable for publishing offsite through editorial channels and as guest posts too.

DSR Ghostwriting can support clients with thought leadership strategy development and campaign rollout, including editorial calendar planning.

  • To learn more about thought leadership writing, click here.
  • To learn more about Medium article ghostwriting, click here.
  • To learn more about LinkedIn (Pulse) article ghostwriting, click here.

Content Marketing Writing Service

Content marketing is a the wheel upon which the inbound marketing mix turns.

By sharing information about your company, its mission, your product, services, and the type of problems you help solve, you can attract prospective customers to engage with your business. Ultimately, successful content can help convert these into paying customers.

DSR Ghostwriting can support clients with both content marketing strategy planning as well as content creation and editorial calendar creation.

Unsure how thought leadership and content marketing are different? Read this FAQ to learn more.

Writing Projects:

DSR Ghostwriting produces the following types of writing for clients, ranging from individuals to companies and marketing agencies.

Freelance Article Writing Service

Articles are typically shorter forms of writing (up to 2,000 words) that can be published off-site as thought leadership pieces.

Articles can be published as:

  • Recurring guest post slots
  • Columns and op-eds in print media
  • One-time contributed content opportunities

The difference between a ‘blog’ and an ‘article’ is often just one of personal preference.

However, in some cases there are explicit differences. For instance:

  • ‘Guest blogs’ are contributions to online or online-only publications. A piece of contributed writing that appears in a print publication, however, is (almost) always called an article.
  • The term ‘article’ is often used to set an expectation for a higher standard of background research, copyediting, and citation sourcing than blogs.
  • ‘Blogs’ are relatively recent innovations while ‘articles’ have been published for a long time. Editorial publications may prefer the term ‘article’ but also expect more value to be delivered.
  • To learn more about DSR Ghostwriting’s freelance article writing service, click here.

Freelance Blog Writer

‘Blogs’ can be on-site, managed resources which are convenient places for publishing content marketing.

Any organization that has a domain name and a content management system (CMS) like WordPress can set up a company blog — or they can publish a blog by using a hosted all-in-one-service.

Additionally, many online publishers accept contributions (guest blogs) from external authors. This setup allows publishers to expand their contributor network. For authors, guest blogging can expose them to new, wider audiences than they could reach through their own company blog. It also allows them to boost the SEO value of their primary (managed) website by building up backlinks.

DSR Ghostwriting can support entrepreneurs and companies with a content marketing plan that includes editorial calendar ideation and development, content creation, and distribution support.

Freelance Book Ghostwriter

Have you always dreamed about being a published author?

Book writing is alive and well and busy authors commonly work with ghostwriters to make sure that their great ideas see the light of day.

If you’re interested in publishing a nonfiction or business book, then Daniel Rosehill, founder of DSR Ghostwriting, can support you from idea development through to pre-publication.

For authors intent on self-publishing, DSR Ghostwriting can also provide technical assistance with using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

  • To learn more about DSR Ghostwriting’s nonfiction and business book ghostwriting service, click here.

Freelance Case Study Writing Service

Case studies are pieces of marketing collateral used to demonstrate to prospects how a company’s product or service solved some past or current client’s needs.

Case studies are important components of an effective inbound marketing plan because they demonstrate social proof and provide a third-party reference attesting to the author’s proficiency.

Case studies typically follow a standardized format setting out the client’s problem, explaining how the company solved it, and providing supporting metrics and quotes.

Freelance E-book Writing Service

Ebooks are commonly used content marketing assets that present information in the format of an electronic book.

They are designed to be read on digital devices such as e-book readers or computer screens.

Like the difference between articles and blogs (above), the difference between white papers and ebooks is sometimes a subjective choice of name. The distinction becomes muddier still when ebooks are distributed in non e-reader native formats, like PDFs.

Nevertheless, some differences are that:

  • White papers typically contain more statistics and deeper explanations than ebooks
  • Ebooks may be used to describe assets that only contain text (because rendering graphics on ebook readers is imperfect). If documents contain a mixture of texts and graphical elements like infographics, they might be described as white papers instead.

Freelance Speechwriting Service

If you’re working on putting together a thought leadership campaign, then you might wish to consider speaking opportunities as a channel to get your message to market.

Hiring a freelance speechwriter can take the pressure off preparing for public speaking opportunities, such as:

  • Industry keynote speeches
  • Fireside chats
  • Public lectures

Freelance speechwriting services can be priced per estimated minute of speaking time.

Freelance White Paper Writing Service

White papers are one of the most classic marketing assets used in B2B marketing.

They’re typically authoritative overviews of a subject and tend to include detailed research to support their conclusions.

In most instances, they are longer than both blogs and articles. White papers typically stretch to up to 5,000 words — although they can be both longer and shorter than this word count.

  • To learn more about the white paper writing service, click here.

Strategy And Distribution:

In order for content marketing and thought leadership campaigns to be as effective as possible, authors need to ensure that they have a coherent strategy in place for distribution.

Among other factors, thought leadership and content marketing campaign planning involves:

  • Messaging planning
  • Competitor research

Thought Leadership Strategy Planning

Thought leadership is most effective — and enjoyable — when organizations commit to long term plans to distribute and share insights.

Thought leadership strategy planning involves coming up with an organized plan to share insights with target audiences, highlighting target media for placement, and defining messaging objectives.

  • Thought leadership editorial calendar development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Messaging strategy

Content Marketing Strategy Planning

Content marketers should ideally ensure that they have a few key assets in place before kicking off on a content marketing campaign:

  • Keyword research
  • A competitor analysis
  • Buyer personas
  • Content marketing editorial calendar development

DSR Ghostwriting can help content-producing organizations to formulate an editorial calendar and strategy for content marketing — whether it is used as a self-standing tactic or in conjunction with a thought leadership development plan.


In order to influence the right target audiences, content marketing and thought leadership need to be distributed through the right channels.

Offsite editorial placements and guest posting opportunities are two great ways to reach wider audiences and build SEO value through accruing backlinks.

Placing writing requires a coordinated outreach strategy and identifying the optimal points of contact at editorial publications. To help clients maximize the effectiveness of their thought leadership programs, DSR Ghostwriting offers a placement service.

Campaign Support:

DSR Ghostwriting’s writing services can be used by individual entrepreneurs and marketing teams who are looking to use writing to achieve the following objectives, among others:

  • Lead generation (including lead magnet development)
  • Personal brand building (awareness and development)
  • Business brand building (awareness and development)
  • Establishing authority / thought leadership
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and backlink development
  • Traffic growth

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