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Freelance Article Pitching and PR Service

To assist companies that don’t have an in-house capability for pitching and placing articles I write for them, I also offer an hourly pitching/placement services.

Thought Leadership Writing Placement Service

As part of this service, I:

Compile a list of media outlets that might be interested in the written material that I have written for you.

Request a list of your target media outlets.

Pitch your article to outlets.

I generally recommend investing 5 to 10 hours, at a minimum, for placing each piece of writing. This is priced at, and billed, on an hourly basis.

Recommended monthly rate: from $500

Notes and Scope of Service:

  • This is an ancillary service to writing and not a replacement for a full public relations (PR) service. I do not pitch articles that I have not (ghost)written.
  • I require an email address at your organization to manage sending and responses.
  • Handling email correspondence with journalists and outlets is billed at the hourly rate.

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