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Content Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership Strategy

It is a widely accepted truth among writers that a good outline makes for a good piece of writing.

And likewise — you shouldn’t start an organized thought leadership campaign without first having a clear idea of:

  • What you want to say;
  • Why you want to say it, and
  • Who you want to say it to (which will inform where you want to say it)

Although writing blogs and articles; case studies and white papers; books and e-books and keynote speeches can all contribute to establishing and cementing your reputation as a thought-leader in your industry, in order for these efforts to be as effective as possible, it’s important that they are strategized, honed, and directed from the very outset.

For thought leadership strategy development package(s)

I offer two strategy packages designed with this very purpose in mind — both of which are geared towards producing a roadmap document to set down the direction, tone, and objectives for the campaign.

Thought Leadership Strategy Planning Service

Both of these packages are focused around brand positioning, personal and/or company reputation management, high-level messaging, and heightening overall market awareness so should work in close alignment with an overarching Public Relations (PR) or marketing strategy. They do not involve the provision of SEO services. For best results, they should be complemented by an in-house or out-of-house resource specialized in digital marketing.

See also: Does your thought leadership campaign need a strategy document?

Pre-Campaign Planning Package

20 hours, once off

From $1,500

20 hours of strategy development after client onboarding and before beginning to work on written deliverables.
Key Activities:

Overview of competitor landscape including identification of competing thought leaders.

Proactive identification of central thought leadership objective.

Identification of central thought leadership messages to communicate.

Identification of relevant media landscape and selection of key target outlets in each media market.

Identification of suitable spokespersons for byline-ing writing to.

(Internal) editorial (thought leadership) calendar development.

Development of one-page high level roadmap including alignment with Public Relations (PR) strategy, if in existence.

Not Included:

– Pitching/placing written thought leadership content.
Cost: By quotation

Ongoing Strategy Development

5 hours per month

From $500 per month (add on)

Ongoing thought leadership strategy planning of five hours per month. Can be used in addition to, or independently from, pre-campaign planning.
Key Activities

– Strategic evaluation of current thought leadership market as it relates to your industry and campaign (who’s saying what and where?)

Observation-based suggestions for additional thought leadership opportunities based on a sensible reaction to current industry conversations.

Not Included:

– Pitching/placing written thought leadership content.
Cost: By quotation

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