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Freelance Article Writer

Whether you’re interested in being published in a niche trade media outlet, top-tier national media, or simply want to create an authoritative piece of writing for publication on your own website, it’s important that whatever articles go out under your byline are well-researched, impactful, and well-written.

DSR Ghostwriting provides an article ghostwriting service suitable for both content marketing and thought leadership campaigns.

Articles and blogs are one of the fundamental components and can be used by executives, independent professionals, and small business owners that have a strong message to communicate.

Thought Leadership Resonates With Both B2B and B2C Audiences

Thought leadership articles are particularly important in the B2B space — and thankfully most industries have a vibrant trade media landscape to which you, or your public relations team, can pitch created writing. A freelance article and blog writing service can make sure that you have plenty of both assets to pitch to your potential customers.

However, even if you sell business-to-consumer, there are still plenty of uses that you can make of ghostwritten articles.

These include:

  • Guest posts
  • Recurring columns
  • One-time placement opportunities

But Does Thought Leadership ‘Work’?

Yes! (If it’s done well).

Getting subject matter experts (SMEs) to transfer their knowledge and passion onto paper (or pixel!), yields tangible results for businesses.

Research from Edelman has shown that:

  • Thought leadership influences purchasing behavior “across the entire funnel” from initial awareness though to purchase.
  • More than 90% of decision-makers regard thought leadership as either “important” or “very important”.
  • Thought leadership is particularly effective at initiating dialogue with C-Suite executives.
    • 55% of C-Suite readers gave the organization disseminating the thought leadership piece their contact information while 42% reached out to them to follow up.
  • Thought leadership led to 41% of C-Suite executives including the authoring vendor in an RFP opportunity.

Less tangibly, thought leadership:

  • Increases an organization’s visibility, particularly within niche industries or unexplored trading geographies.
  • Wins the trust of those reading it.
  • Helps cultivate the author as a trusted expert media source.

But simultaneously:

  • Most B2B decision-makers are disappointed by the quality of thought leadership that they consume.
  • More than half of C-Suite decision-makers have respect for an organization that put out poor thought leadership authorship.

The message is clear.

Thought leadership is a highly effective marketing strategy that can unlock the doors to high-level decision makers and influence all stages of the sales funnel.

This is particularly true in the B2B environment.

However, in order to be effective, it has to be done well.

Executed poorly, thought leadership can in fact have a detrimental impact on a brand’s image.

Freelance Article Writing Costs

Quoting is on specification but the following are general estimates:

The following pricing is for off-site articles. For blog pricing, see: blogs.

  • Marketing agencies:
    • From $320. $0.32/word.
  • Companies / direct clients:
    • From $400. $0.40/word

Average lead time: generally from three to six business days from receipt of brief (exact number depends upon familiarity with subject; current client workload; whether this is a new or existing client).

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