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Freelance LinkedIn Article Writer

If you’re looking to pick up traction as a thought leader among a B2B readership, then LinkedIn is one of the most important fora to develop a following on.

Working with a freelance LinkedIn article ghostwriter can help you quickly produce LinkedIn Pulse articles at the rate that your editorial calendar calls for.

Like DSR Ghostwriting’s article writing service, pricing for the Medium and LinkedIn article writing services start at these rates. A strategy consultation can also prepare an analytical report outlining your competitors’ thought leadership on LinkedIn and other fora.

Why Publish Thought Leadership Articles on LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn is the most popular channel for B2B content distribution. According to LinkedIn (The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn), 94% of B2B content is sent over the network.
  • 80% of social media B2B leads come through LinkedIn.
  • A minority of LinkedIn users share content on a weekly basis. This offers an incredible opportunity for thought leaders to share insights with a receptive and engaged audience.

Freelance Article Writing Costs (LinkedIn)

Quoting is on specification but the following are general estimates:

The following pricing is for article published to LinkedIn.For blog pricing, see: blogs.

  • Marketing agencies: From $280. $0.28/word.
  • Companies / direct clients: From $350. $0.35/word

Average lead time: generally from three to six business days from receipt of brief (exact number depends upon familiarity with subject; current client workload; whether this is a new or existing client).

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