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Freelance Medium Ghostwriting Service

Medium is a user-friendly publishing platform and a good place for thought leaders to publish or syndicate content (Medium supports syndicating published platform from other sources and will add the appropriate canonical tags to prevent the content being flagged as duplicate for SEO purposes). Some of Medium’s unique features include its network of publications — many of which have large reaches comparable to online publications with dedicated websites..

Like DSR Ghostwriting’s article writing service, pricing for the Medium and LinkedIn article writing services start at these rates. A strategy consultation can also prepare an analytical report outlining your competitors’ thought leadership on Medium and other fora.

Why Publish Thought Leadership Articles on Medium?

  • Publishing or syndicating thought leadership and content marketing on Medium can allow authors to reach new readerships.
  • Medium has many engaged and active readers looking for actionable insights about entrepreneurship, personal development, marketing, and personal branding.
  • Like LinkedIn, Medium is generally owned media. Publishers are not constricted by third parties’ style guides and editorial requirements. For information about the general writing service, click here.

Freelance Article Writing Costs (Medium)

Quoting is on specification but the following are general estimates:

The following pricing is for article published to Medium.For blog pricing, see: blogs.

  • Marketing agencies: From $280. $0.28/word.
  • Companies / direct clients: From $350. $0.35/word

Average lead time: generally from three to six business days from receipt of brief (exact number depends upon familiarity with subject; current client workload; whether this is a new or existing client).

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