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Freelance SEO Article Writer

Content marketing can form the centerpoint of inbound marketing efforts.

‘Content,’ in the SEO sense, is what gets discovered by search engines and helps pages rank for keywords in search engines.

SEO content is content written with the intention of boosting the visibility of the authoring party in Google by helping pages rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Typically SEO content contains a number of keywords which keyword research has identified as the best keywords to help that piece of writing rank highly in search engines.

SEO content can include:

  • Pillar and cluster content
  • Product listings
  • Pages to rank for long tail keywords

Freelance SEO Article Writing Costs

Because SEO content is often produced in bulk for specific projects, DSR Ghostwriting offers volume pricing based on the quantity required and the duration of the SEO content writing projects.

Quotes will depend upon:

  • Whether keyword research is provided
  • Volume of pages required
  • Revision cycle
  • CMS requirements

Although DSR Ghostwriting endeavors to follow SEO best practices across all article projects, SEO content writing projects are written specifically for search engine ranking and discovery.

Previous SEO Writing Projects

DSR Ghostwriting has worked with companies and marketing agencies to produce SEO and keyword-optimized content.

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