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Freelance Marketing Collateral Copywriting

When it comes to outlining a company’s key value proposition in a format that prospective customers and investors can quickly digest, one-pagers are one of the most useful tools at the disposal of marketers and sales teams.

As a complement to my long-form writing service (see: thought leadership, content marketing), I can engage in copywriting projects on behalf of clients.

My copywriting portfolio includes deliverables produced during my tenure as marketing communications (MarCom) manager at a variety of tech startups as well as projects undertaken on behalf of freelancing clients. I would be happy to share samples of both in private.

Marketing Collateral Developed (Within Service Scope)

Here are pieces of marketing collateral that I have experience developing on behalf of companies, agencies, and individual entrepreneurs:

  • One pagers: product one pagers, one pagers for VCs and investor relations, one pagers to support PR efforts
  • Executive bios and leadership bios
  • Press releases
  • Brochures

Marketing Collateral Not Developed (Outside Service Scope)

These are copywriting projects that I do not take on:

  • Microcopy and UX copy (example: navigation menus and labels)
  • Most website copywriting projects
  • Copy for PPC campaigns

Out of scope for all copywriting projects:

  • Graphic design
  • Branding consulting. Excellent branding lays the foundations for great copywriting outputs, but this deliverable is typically best provided by a dedicated brand strategist or an in-house resource (I’d be happy to provide recommendations).

What Does Copywriting Marketing Collateral Involve?

Copywriting is about a lot more than simply deciding which words to include in a sentence.

Effective copywriting and branding is an art form that involves distilling exactly what makes a company unique and communicating it in a message that is likely to resonate with the target audience(s).

My process to produce copywriting deliverables for clients therefore commonly involves:

  • Interviews with external stakeholders such as past or current customers
  • Interviews with internal stakeholders like product and marketing managers.

How Much Do Marketing Collateral Copywriting Projects Cost

Quote are by request only.

Some general pricing guidelines for deliverables can be found here.

To give some rough ballparks:

  • One pagers tend to cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on the information available, number of interviews required, and the revision cycle agreed upon in the scope of work (SoW).
  • Press releases can cost roughly the same.

How Can I Find Out More And Request A Quote?

To request a quote, please click here.

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