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E-books are here to stay. And they’re an ideal asset to use in any customer journey that involves the expectation of substantial education.

For that reason, e-books have been widely adopted in B2B selling processes.

Freelance E-Book Writer

They allow the author to go into even more depth than in a white paper and — if formatted as a native e-book format — can be read conveniently and easily from an e-reader such as the Amazon Kindle.

E-Book or White Paper?

Both e-books and white papers are highly effective B2B marketing assets. In fact, according to Impact market research findings, 80% of prospects would hand over an email in exchange for either — compared to just 31% for a webinar.

Which is ‘better’? Neither, but here are some instances in which you might want to consider each one.

Are Business Ebooks A White Paper By Just Another Name?

A white paper is generally expected to reach some specific conclusion on an issue — or present some original research. With e-books, authors often enjoy more creative license.

Ebook Writing Services

For that reason an e-book would be the only choice among the two for a prospective thought leader wishing to present a self-published general memoir-style overview of his or her experience in business.

Other times an e-book might be a better choice include:

  • An asset which will have contributions from multiple authors and which isn’t necessarily designed to be read from cover to cover.
  • Assets which will have a strong, or overriding, visual component.
  • Assets which are simply too long to be considered white papers.

Freelance Ebook Writing Costs

Quoting is on specification but the following are general estimates:

  • Marketing agencies:
    • From $0.55/word.
  • Companies / direct clients:
    • From $0.65/word

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