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If you’re trying to build up a reputation as a thought leader, then you will be wanting to leverage every possible public relations opportunity to build your brand awareness and get yourself media exposure.

Freelance PR Material Writer

Thought leadership intersects with PR in many ways — and a lot of these require the delivery of ghostwritten content, such as:

  • Ghostwritten interview responses.
  • Ghostwritten award applications and self-nominations.
  • Ghostwritten speeches and keynote addresses.
  • Press releases

Freelance Press Release Writer

Some benefits of engaging in public relations (PR) activities as part of a broader thought leadership effort include:

  • Recurring media commentary opportunities (the “domino effect”)
  • Boosted brand awareness
  • Improved image and visibility

In the meantime, you can find samples in my portfolio.

PR Material Writing Costs

Quoting is on spec but the following are general estimates:

Press release (500-1,000 words): $400-500

One pagers: $400-500

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