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Getting out on the speaking circuit is an important part of becoming a thought leader.

Freelance Speechwriter

Although writing that appears online and in print can make great gains in building a reputation as a subject matter expert and authority on a topic, it is also important to get out in the real world and deliver your message face to face.

Having your remarks ghostwritten can help take the pressure off your preparation for these opportunities — while simultaneously ensuring that you prepare to get the right points across to your audience.

Why Use A Freelance Speechwriting Service?

Types of speaking opportunities which many aspiring and actual thought leaders use ghostwriters to author speeches for include:

  • Fireside chats
  • Conference speeches
  • Keynotes
  • Ted and TedX talks
  • Public lectures

Freelance Case Study Writing Costs

Quoting is on specification but the following are general estimates:

From $15 to $30 per estimated minute of speaking time.

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