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The white paper is another asset that is classically associated with B2B marketing.

White papers are versatile tools for packaging and distributing information that should be sent directly to prospects.

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Unlike articles, white papers can be appropriately used as gated assets in lead generation campaigns (for instance, after filling out a landing page form or providing registration details, the prospect automatically receives the white paper by a link sent to their email).

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White papers can help your thought leadership strategy by:

  • Disseminating your expertise: perhaps more than any other piece of marketing collateral, white papers have an association with authoritativeness and being an “expert” in your field.
    • The strongest white papers contain very little to no direct promotion of the company’s product or service, but rely on “marketing by education” — building up an image of the author as a preeminent expert in his or her field, and subtly positioning the author as the logical person to buy a product or service from.
  • Great for collecting leads: Email addresses still reign supreme as the number one personal particular that sales teams want to have access to in order to steer a prospect down the sales funnel. Because white papers can be easily gated, they are a great vehicle for developing a list of pre-qualified sales prospects.
  • Great for building trust: Unlike direct promotional material, like brochures or email campaigns, white papers reflect a more nuanced approach to selling. Besides helping to develop a reputation as an expert in an industry, white papers create a sense of trust between you and your prospects.

Freelance White Paper Writing Costs

Quoting is on specification but the following are general estimates:

  • Marketing agencies:
    • From $0.55/word.
  • Companies / direct clients:
    • From $0.65/word

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