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Everybody has a book in them. What’s yours?

If you’re looking to solidify your reputation as a thought leader, then authoring a value-laden and well-received book can be an enormous step in the right direction.

Although blogging and other forms of online writing have never been more accessible, writing a book remains a gold standard in accruing authority.

Thankfully, these days, getting a book to market is comparatively straightforward. Today’s authors have several means at their disposal to get their composition onto bookshelves — or readers’ Kindles. If conventional publishing is not an option, self-publishing through a service such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is both quick and easy.

DSR Ghostwriting offers a contracted book ghostwriting service for non-fiction books or memoirs.

What’s Included

✓ Writing

✓ Editing

✓ Outlining

✓ Interviews: with author and third parties

✓ Weekly/monthly progress reports

✓ A fixed revision cycle

What’s Not

✓ Publishing*

✓ Cover art design and graphics

✓ Layout and formatting

This is a writing service and not a publishing one. However, for support with publishing through Amazon (KDP), free resources to assist with the process can be provided. Additionally, I can provide a list of recommended vendors who assist with cover art and print/e-book layout and formatting.

Book Writing FAQs

I have a great book idea. Would you be interested in a royalty split?

Regrettably, however appealing the proposition and however much potential the book might have, I cannot work on a royalties-only basis. Investing time which can only possibly be compensated by a future outcome which I have no control over (how well the book sells) is not a risk I can currently afford to take on.

All ghostwriting jobs I contract for at a minimum include a fixed price contract to compensate me for the time spent writing the text.


Can you publish my book on Amazon?

Even though I have the knowledge required to arrange design of your cover art and the formatting of your text and to publish it through KDP, I cannot directly publish your text because I am not a publisher of other authors’ works — nor do I intend to ever be one (this would mean assuming legal responsibility for the text and providing an altogether different service than ghostwriting.. )

What I can do is:

  • Provide guidance on how to publish through KDP.
  • Recommend third-party vendors who specialize in cover art design and formatting for e-book and print.


Will I own the copyright and other intellectual property (IP) rights to the book that you write?


As is standard practice, my default contract vests full IP rights to the author upon conclusion of the contact (which involves me providing the finished work according to the agreed specification and you paying the agreed sum).

The only right I request is to display the book in my portfolio.

I also ask that all book clients sign a Certificate of Authorship attesting to the fact that I wrote the book (the form contains a field to specify the nature of the writing relationship and whether my authorship was part or whole).


What is the difference between this service and your e-book service?

Printed books are obviously not e-books.

Additionally, e-books are commonly used — alongside white papers — in marketing campaigns and attributed collectively to marketing teams or companies.

This book-writing service — which encompasses writing e-books as these days almost every printed book publisher also produces a corresponding electronic version — is targeted rather at individuals.


Do you require some form of attribution?



Have you written a book?

I have a portfolio of ghostwritten book authorship.

I also recently published The Confused Freelancer’s Guide to Technology (1st Ed.).

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