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Business Continuity Management Freelance Content Writer

Business Continuity Management (BCM) involves planning for and anticipating scenarios, including natural disasters, that can adversely affect business continuity — and planning for and testing contingency plans.

On the technological level, it often involves ensuring that robust (and well-documented) backup and disaster recovery processes are in place within an organization.

As a complex technology, clients frequently need to leverage the following types of content to best explain how their service or innovation uses these technologies.

Previous BCM Writing Projects

Examples of BCM projects I have been involved in include:

  • Geopolitical risk briefing for a security consulting company (available in portfolio)

Additional samples, where NDAs permit, can be shared privately or through the online portfolio area.

If you are looking for a technology content writer with experience writing about business continuity management (BCM), then please use the contact form below to start a conversation.

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