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Docker / Containerization Freelance Content Writer

Docker has emerged as the gold standard in containerization — an approach that has helped to streamline code development and deployment by making it easier to eliminate environment-related differences between development and production environments.

Containerization is a lightweight and space-efficient alternative to “heavier” forms of moving software in development between resources at various stages of the development pipeline — such as using virtual machines (VMs).

Containers include both software as well as all their dependencies. They “contain” (hence the name) everything required to run irrespective of slight differences between host systems. They contain code, runtime, system libraries, settings, and tools. Docker containers become containers when they run on Docker engine.

They share the host system’s OS kernel resources resulting in efficiencies from not having to create separate instances for development stages.

Clients frequently need to leverage the following types of content to best explain how their service or innovation uses these technologies.

(Note: the above projects are ghostwriting projects. To protect the confidentiality of my clients and to preserve the essential nature of the ghostwriting relationship, these projects are not linked here. But I would be happy to share them on a one-to-one basis.)

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