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Ecommerce Freelance Content Writer

Online selling has been one of the major technological disruptions over the past number of decades.

As buying online has risen in both volume and prominence for consumers, for merchants ecommerce has quickly gone from being the preserve of major multinational giants to an integral part of most companies’ go to market strategy.

Optimizing sales channels and selling online is a major area of interest for many technology companies and consultants. I have worked with both digital transformation consultants to help them explain modern best ecommerce practices and with companies facilitating innovative ways of displaying inventory and selling online.

As a complex technology, clients frequently need to leverage the following types of content to best explain how their service or innovation uses these technologies.

Previous Ecommerce Writing Projects

Projects I have been recently involved in which have involved ecommerce have included:

Client writing examples:

  • An article explaining how merchants can take more local approaches when implementing cross border ecommerce strategies
  • How eCommerce marketplaces developed by smaller merchants can compete in a field dominated by several large players
  • Analyses of the importance of omnichannel for successful ecommerce and for segmenting marketing according to target age demographics
  • A white paper for a global payments provider exploring the role low earth orbit satellites (LEO) have to play in facilitating selling at sea

Samples, where NDAs permit, can be shared privately or through the online portfolio area.

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