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Linux and Open Source Freelance Content Writer

Linux is a lot more than an obscure operating system with a funny sounding name!

The majority of the world’s servers runs on Linux or other Unix-like operating systems and knowledge of Linux remains an essential prerequisite for many system administration roles.

Additionally, Linux sees wide application in fields where efficient software is required, including the IoT and operational technology (OT).

Open source software is computer software whose source code the copyright holder has granted public access to (for use and modification). As a free, open source operating system, Linux has played a pivotal role in inspiring the movement’s growth. These days many companies blend closed-source and open-source offerings.

As a daily Linux (Ubuntu) user for more than 10 years, I am both familiar with the Linux ecosystem and passionate about its adoption. I have contributed writing about Linux — in particular Linux backups — to a majority of technology-focused publications including The Next Tech, Linux Hint, The Linux OS, and Linux Journal (forthcoming) among others.

Clients frequently need to leverage the following types of content to best explain how their service or innovation uses these technologies.

Previous Linux Writing Projects

Projects I have been recently involved in which have involved Linux related themes have included:

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