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Market Research Freelance Writer

When companies look for trusted advice about what disruptions are happening in the marketplace, independent vendor evaluations, and guidance about emerging best practices, market research and advisory companies are often the go-to sources for high-caliber, professional advice.

Market research and analyst organizations such as Gartner and Forrester, auditing and consultancy firms, and management consultancies like Accenture, PWC, and Deloitte employ seasoned analysts who compile and correlate information from industry.

Findings, which are sometimes derived from industry interviews and original research, are prepared into reports which are made available to subscribers. Common formats include insights and thought leadership.

Some previous projects undertaken on behalf of marketing consultancies and professional advice firms include:

  • A comparison of the customer experience (CX) of top business to business (B2B) lenders for a UK-based digital product consultancy
  • Advice about Point of Sale (PoS) finance providers

Marketing consultancies, professional advisory firms, and research organizations often need to author and distribute the following types of writing as part of the insights packages which they distribute to clients:

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