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Freelance Content Marketing Writer

If you are looking to roll out a content marketing strategy for lead generation or inbound marketing support, then working with a freelance content marketing writer can be an ideal way to take pressure off in-house resources and scale up production.

Content Marketing: A Cost-Effective Way To Draw Leads To Your Business

Content marketing is an ideal and cost-effective means of putting your ideas to work for you.

By writing about topics you are passionate about — such as your business mission, your products and services, or even your team-members — you can put down the digital breadcrumbs that will drive engaged visitors to your website. You might even convert them into leads and paying customers!

It’s also the cornerstone of many inbound marketing programs — a marketing methodology centered around drawing customers to you through engaging rather than interrupting them. Think blogging and podcasting instead of advertising and cold pitching.

Compared to outbound marketing, content marketing is also remarkably cost effective.

If your business has a domain name and a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, then you can create and distribute content as often as you like. Distribution and creation entail virtually no costs.

What’s considered ‘content’ for the purpose of content marketing?

Consider the following writing formats. (Conveniently, they’re all included as part of DSR Ghostwriting’s service offering!)

Video and audio (like podcasts) can be considered content too, although written formats are naturally more discoverable by search engines.

Why Work With a Freelance Content Marketing Writer?

Although it’s true that getting started with content marketing is relatively easy, in order to maximize its effectiveness, and your reach, you need to focus on two things:

  • Consistency. As you build up an audience, your total reach grows. A wide audience has secondary benefits like gathering more backlinks from readers who have found your content worth linking to. This, in turns, boosts your website’s SEO and makes your existing content easier for users to discover through search engines. Better ranking means more visibility.
  • Quality. Search engine algorithms have caught on to attempts to manipulate them such as keyword stuffing. The secret sauce that drives successful content marketing is creating high quality, value-laden content that readers will actually want to share with their networks.

To keep it short — you’ll want to be consistently posting high quality content.

For this reason, developing an editorial calendar — which maps out what you plan to post about for the year — is a common recommendation.

Many small marketing teams are already stretched to their limits. There are budgets to be planned, social media posts to be written and scheduled, and trade shows to attend. Planning and developing content can be just another item on an already crowded to-do list. Sound like too much? That’s good. Because freelance content writing is an aspect of your marketing plan that can be outsourced.

Aren’t Thought Leadership And Content Marketing The Same Thing?

Thought leadership and content marketing are two powerful means to improve inbound marketing and grease the wheels of lead generation. Nevertheless, there are important distinctions between the two:

  • Thought leadership and content marketing require different messaging and tones of voice. Inappropriately informal thought leadership can damage brands.
  • Thought leadership and content marketing often use different distribution channels. Content marketing can usually be carried onsite while thought leadership can broadened to achieve offsite / guest posting opportunities.
  • Content marketing and thought leadership sit at different stages of the marketing funnel.

To learn more about the differences between content marketing and thought leadership, check out this FAQ page.

Daniel Rosehill, Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Daniel Rosehill has been working with individuals, companies, and marketing agencies for the past five years in order to help plan and execute compelling content marketing activities.

Prior to founding DSR Ghostwriting, Daniel managed marketing communications (MarCom) at two technology startups, working with founders and executive teams to develop content marketing and thought leadership campaigns

Daniel’s focus centers around technology content marketing and thought leadership. He has helped clients develop content marketing which focuses on:

  • The internet of things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI, ML)
  • Linux
  • Backup and disaster recovery (DR)
  • Cloud computing and AWS

How Much Does Freelance Content Marketing Writing Cost?

For ballpark pricing information about DSR Ghostwriting writing services, including content marketing prices, please refer to the ballpark rates estimates page.

Please use this page to request a precise quote.

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